August 7, 2009

One and Done

Today is the one-year anniversary of "The Minister of Common Sense" blog. It is also my official retirement. Like a non-homophobic Miss America, my reign is limited to exactly one year.

In the past twelve months, I have written nearly 50 posts, which I hope you found to be somewhat unique, clever and witty. Based on the feedback that I have received, I think I have succeeded in being entertaining and voicing some of the same opinions that many of you have held.

Thank you so much for all of your support – this site has gotten over 7,000 hits during the one year, which I view as some measure of success for a non-commercial, non-advertised website. I have enjoyed writing the posts, but I've said my peace and now it's time to move on to other things. After all, it's pretty exhausting (and depressing!) to constantly highlight the failures of people and society.

I will leave this blog up and available so that people may see the past postings and continue to leave comments/questions where they wish. Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Your champion of common sense,

The Minister

For those of you who are new or curious, these were my six favorite posts (in no particular order):

- Massages Are Not Relaxing
- Don't Call Me
- Rules of the Air
- Doors
- Photo Christmas Cards Suck
- Don't Fuck With The

I'd love to hear which were your favorites.


  1. NO!!! Come back!!

  2. I like the new potpourri style. Can't you keep doing that?? Good luck!

  3. my husband and i have been reading your blog since you went on that rant about, which we thought was hilarious! lots of other ones were funny too. thanks for the good times and we've enjoyed reading your posts.

  4. Sad, sad day. I stumbled upon your blog one day when out of sheer frustration with the 'knot gods', I googled them and one of the leads was your blog post ' Don't Fuck with the knot gods' I was finally able to understand who this 'Jennjacobs' everyone kept talking about was. I have to hand it to you, that was brilliant. You are still an enigma to the 'knotties' I am one of the few sane members of that weird internet community and have since gotten married and joined 'the nest' But every now and then, they still bring up Jennjacobs and I laugh at the total lack of humor. What was even more amusing is that I know most of the ladies that did that one snarky post and have met them in real life. I even know who 'banned' you. How can they not appreciate this blog that I have been stalking all year? What a bunch of losers. Cheers!

  5. Oh, this IS sad! Well since you asked, my favorite was the one about Massages. My friend put the link up on her Facebook page, and it was the first time I read your blog... I was rolling on the floor laughing out loud! Ever since then I was hooked. Minister, you'll be missed!

  6. Minister, wow this is a surprise that you are leaving. We will all be sorry to see you go. I also found out about you from The Knot and found the whole thing very amuzing! I often found myself nodding my head in agreement with your posts. One favorite of mine was one you didn't list above about using cellphones. I couldn't have agreed with you more. Thanks and good luck!!!

  7. Have fun, and we enjoyed it while it lasted!

  8. Good luck! I always liked your column and I link to it from my favorites list on my Facebook page